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Happy RV'ing

If you are new the the world of RV's here are some terms you may not be familiar with

  Types of Recreational Vehicles

Class A Motorhome: a motorhome that is built on a chassis that resembles a bus. These motorhomes range from plain and simple to units that include hot tubs, inside and outside entertainment area with TV and stereo and many luxury options.

Class B Motorhome: a van is converted by raising the top and adding cooking and toilet facilities. Usually refered to as a Camper van.

Class C Motorhome: built on a vehicle chassis with a van body and front cab.

Travel Trailer: a rigid sided unit with living facilities towed behind a vehicle by means of a hitch.

Fifth Wheel: similar to a travel trailer but towed by a pick up truck with a special hitch mounted in the bed of the truck.

Diesel Pusher: a motorhome with the diesel engine in the rear.

Diesel Puller: a motorhome with a diesel engine in the front.

Black Tank: holding tank in an RV that holds toilet waste.

Fresh tank: holding tank for fresh water.

Grey Tank: Tank for storing water from kitchen and bathroom sink and tub.

Boondocking: staying in an RV without hooking up to electric, water or sewer facilities. Also known as dry camping or primative camping.

Dump Station: a place where you can empty the holding tanks, usually has water available. Small fee is usually charged.

Full Timer: a person that travels in their RV all the time.  The RV may be their only residence.

Part Timer: a person that travels in their RV for a vacation period or occasional week ends.

Pop-Out / Slide-Out / Tip-Out: refers to expanded living area that ‘slides out’ manually or electrically when parked.  Available in motorhomes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

Snowbird: term for one who lives in a cold climate and heads South in the RV during the winter months.

Wally World: RV’er slang for Wal Mart.